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how the fuck can you allow  that you STUPID PEOPLE?

Because it’s the dog’s job. Just like a working border collie’s job is to herd sheep, or a working spaniel’s job is to retrieve shot game, a livestock guardian’s job is to protect their flock and kill any potential threats.

Their job is very important as predators like wolves can do serious harm to the livestock that these people rely on for income and/or food. In fact, livestock guardians are one of the best ways of protecting livestock and allowing farmers to live peacefully alongside predators! Instead of shooting every predator in the area the dogs ensure that only the problem individuals are killed and also serve as a deterrent to the rest of the wild predators. Because of this conservation groups often recommend the services of these dogs rather than the mass shooting, trapping and poisoning of predators that usually happens. 

idgaf get a gun dont abuse an innocent dog to do your dirty work

It’s not abusing a dog. This is what these dogs are bred for. It is their sole purpose and they’ve been doing it for thousands of years. Not all dogs are supposed to be pets. 

Guns do not solve the problem, in fact they cause more problems. When you shoot a wolf you have no idea if it’s the exact one that was causing the problem, so you end up having to shoot every wolf that turns up. It also turns into an endless cycle of death as every wolf or coyote that’s killed makes room for another one to move in. With these dogs only the problem animals are targeted and the rest are free to live and co-exist with the farm. 

Guns also doesn’t provide any protection for the flock when the farmer isn’t there. Do you expect the farmer to stand with the flock 24/7 to protect them? Because that’s what these dogs do and they prevent livestock being killed in the first place. Farmers who routinely suffer predation find they no longer loose any animals after employing these dogs. Prevention is far better than a cure. 

These dogs are also supported by conservation groups because they are much more effective and ecologically sound than guns. As well as wolves these dogs are helping to protect endangered species such as cheetahs, leopards and lions by preventing farmers from needing to shoot those animals. Please watch this video on why LGD’s are the best option for livestock farmers and the environment. 

I can see both sides to this argument but due to every person I know growing up with the Balto movie by one means or another (as well as other movies with wolves in it and not to mention some people actually manage to keep wolves as pets) I believe that is part of the reason most people are in a uproar.

So no matter what reason you give for this being okay where the dog kills it’s relative the wolf. It isn’t okay.

Also I would like to add the person putting spikes on that dog’s neck was not a smart move, looks cool to them but they could hurt themselves by accident.

And this could all be prevented if people just lock their animals in antiquity shelter when it is dark out.

The spikes protect the dog’s neck.  Otherwise a wolf or coyote would just bite out its jugular and we wouldn’t be having this conversation… 

It would have the same effect if the dog had a collar with spikes half as long. And more on the collar. Heck even a collar the has metal on the outsi and fabric on the inside would do the job but that is not the point. There is always to sides to wither it is good or bad dogs kill wolves to protect your herd of cattle. But the best method is when you or family or people who work for you are not outside. Lock the freaking animals up! then pictures like above won’t happen!

Also wolves are an endangered species. Thanks for bringing the wolf populations closer to extinction.

Longer spikes still don’t harm the dog though. The longer they are the less able to get at the dogs throat the predator is. With short spikes it would still have a chance to get hold of something, with ones like this it can’t really get close without risking a barb in the eye.

The shepard will ensure that they collar isn’t harming the dog’s neck, after all, it’s protecting his flock/herd, he wants it to be in the best health it can be.

From what I know, these shepherds and their herds are usually nomadic, roaming for graze, there isn’t anywhere to lock them up, unless you suggest they construct a shelter for possibly hundreds of animals every few nights?

Wolves are an endangered species? SOME are, not all species are, contrary to popular belief the gray wolf (the one most people see and assume to be endangered) is marked as ‘least concern’ on the scale.

Yeah, only certain sub-species of wolf are endangered. As a whole they’re doing pretty well and are even overpopulated in some areas.

These dogs are preventing wolves from going extinct. Because without them farmers would be forced to shoot every wolf on sight until there were none left. These dogs only kill wolves as a last resort. Their main purpose is to provide a deterrence so the wolves don’t come near the flocks in the first place and thus farmers wont have to shoot them. It’s a pretty simple concept. 

Do you know what happens to wolves in places where livestock dogs aren’t used? They’re poisoned, trapped, snared, shot at and have their dens dug up and their pups beaten to death by people who’ve had enough of their livestock being mutilated. Would you rather them get scared off and occasionally killed when they won’t back down or have them slaughtered en masse by angry farmers? Because yes those are pretty much your only two options.

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This is a current list of tags 4chan is targeting.

Fat Acceptance
Womyn of color
Rape culture
Unleash the dragon
Need feminism
Shut down 4chan
katawa shoujo
attack on titan
doctor who
The tags
feel good
social justice
white supremacy

4chan is targeting tags and posting incredibly violent and triggering material within them. DO NOT ACCESS THE ABOVE TAGS.

I noticed that a lot of the PSA’s were images without transcripts, and there are several posts with different tags to look out for.

This is a compilation of those tags, in a text format for anyone who has issues with reading images.

Please spread around in the interests of accessibility, especially since the ableism tags are being targeted as well.

Thank you, and stay safe.

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heard some non-savory comments from my family about my dear ball python so i was inspired to make some little psa’s about snakes!!! they are our scaly friends do not harm noodles
—> buy here as stickers or w/e you want!! also if you wanna use it on your blog feel free but pls credit me thank u \m/

Ball Pythons are like the chillest animal in existence I don’t even know how people can be scared or hateful towards them.



look @ this cute lil lady

i live for small lady






Pet your turtles, they enjoy snugglies more than pain

I feel like this is especially appropriate for cars and turtles in the road.

And don’t drill holes in them or paint em. Its painful and toxic and you’ll make the poor things cry! 

Our turtles love having their heads and chins scratched.  And a light pat on their shells.  No hits, or thumps.  They love good pets, please pet them with love.

Shells are LITERALLY their backbone, imagine if someone thumped you hard on the spine. It would suck right? Don’t do it. 

Also their shells are covered in a VERY thin layer of fingernail-like material called scutes. When you paint it, a) it’s very easy for the toxins in the paint to absorb into the turtle’s system and poison them, b) it cuts off circulation to the thin layer of living skin below the scutes, c) it deforms the shell because turtles, especially young turtles, grow rapidly and the paint will inhibit proper shell growth and d) prevents the turtle from absorbing necessary vitamin D from UV rays (you know, that stuff they need to live). NEVER EVER PAINT A TURTLE EVER.

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